Check List

Does the prep look good?
Scraping, Sanding Priming
Caulking Cracks
Use of filler etc
Are the right paint and products being used?
Drips anywhere? Overspray anywhere?
Sloppiness on lights/brick/stone?
Paint in the grass? Paint chips picked up from prep?
Painters cloths look dirty? Are they wearing shoes etc?
Is trash in one place and in a bag?
Is there tape, masking, or empty paint laying around?
Cigarette butts? Gatorades?
Are tools scattered around the house?
Is work being done right the first time?
Is the cutting in clean?
Is prep done BEFORE painting is happening?
Is spraying done completely BEFORE body items?
Is it covering and protection happening properly?
Is there a lawn sign up?
Does the job site look presentable?
Does the paint job look great?
Where are the trucks or cars parked?
Is any company other than ours being represented?
Are flyers dropped on nearby homes?
Take pictures and video and send it to the marketing department.
Are there any neighbors who need painting? Knock!
If the customer is home, say hi! Build rapport
Are they happy?
If they aren’t home, give them a call.
Are the painters happy?
Is there anything we can get anyone?
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