It is acknowledged that the above colour selection is understood and accepted.

The colour appearance may vary by degree of gloss, texture, size and shape of the area, lighting and method of application, as well as exposure to heat and light rays, plus the age of the colour chip itself. However the samples provided and colour chips shown at the time by the consult is an approximate as closely as possible to the actual paint colour.

Surepaint discloses the following items :

Colours that have been chosen may not cover in two coats and in the event of insufficient coverage an additional charge may be required for additional coats.

Sheen levels have been explained and the client understands the trade off has increased washability vs highlighting imperfections with sheen levels.

Heat & UV absorption for darker colours. We do not warrant dark coloured items against peeling and blistering.

Lighter colours reflect more light and are best for the long term.

Darker colours show more imperfections & when cleaning may leave marks or streaks on the paint work.

When colour matching against an aged or existing colour we cannot guarantee it to be an exact match and there may be a variance in sheen or tone.

Darker colours may sometimes require different bases other than white base when being tinted. Surepaint has allowed in our quotation for white base paints.

Prior to the commencement of work, it is the sole responsibility of the property owner/ representative to purchase sample pot/s and to brush out and ensure complete satisfaction with the colours that have been selected. It is also the responsibility of the property owner/ representative to check the documented colour selection thoroughly prior to signing the colour selection. If any errors/ omissions or changes need to be made to the colour selection document after all items are finalised with Surepaint’s colour designer, a $99 admin fee will be applicable.

Surepaint and/ or the colour designer cannot and will not be held responsible for dissatisfaction of the chosen colour selection as selected by body corporate committee members, the property representative or the property owner. It is understood by committee or property owner, that once work has commenced, any alterations to the colour selection by request of the body corporate committee members, the property representative or the property owner may result in additional costs to them - particularly in the event that the paint has already been purchased by Surepaint.

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