Designer-Approved Rules To Follow When Choosing Bedroom Paint Colours

In recent times, many people have gone all out with their choice of bedroom paint colours. As people get more creative by exploring unconventional colours, it is important to avoid making costly mistakes. While experimenting with interior house painting is good, you also need to remember that the colours will affect your mood and ambience. To prevent errors that can cost you another round of painting, below are some rules to follow when selecting colours for your bedroom.

Say No To Colors That Are Too Bright

Bright colours do not belong in a sleeping space. Many designers agree that bright colours are energetic and often trick the brain into remaining awake and active. Painting your room neon yellow, bright or lime green, or other vibrant colours may rob you of sleep. While these colours aren’t perfect for the room, they may be excellently welcome in other home areas.

If you are looking to test out these bold colours, start with the bathroom. However, you should always choose cool and calm colours for your sleep space. Prioritizing softer shades and dark colours can improve your sleep.

Avoid Red Color

Designers agree that specific bright colours do not belong in the bedroom. There is a unanimous decision about red and its inappropriateness for the sleep space. While red may signify romance and love, it may also be the reason you’ll be waking up tired and unproductive for the longest time. Red often tricks the brain to remain active. The brightness of it all can rob you of your peaceful night’s sleep or keep you up late at night, unable to return to your sleep. It is best to avoid such active colours in the sleep space and replace them with more suitable hues.

Orange Isn’t The Colour Either

Experimenting with new colours is a great way to change the mood and ambience of your interior space. However, you must note that some colours just do not belong in some areas of the home. For example, orange isn’t the perfect or go-to colour for the bedroom. While peach is nice and sweet and gives a calm feeling, orange screams back at you. The feeling of being screamed at certainly isn’t what you want in your sleep space. The bright hue, similar to others like reds or yellows, does not promote relaxation. Instead, they are active and may block sleep. If you are determined to incorporate orange colour, coral may be a perfect compromise.

Your Happiness Matters

While some bold and bright hues are a total no-no for the bedroom wall, the final decision is ultimately yours. A good way to ensure you don’t make a wrong decision is by testing out the colours on a small patch of your wall. Buying sample paints and spreading them on a small area of your wall can give you an idea of what’ll work best for you. You may also choose to combine contrasting colours to add a little bit of flair to your sleep space. In the end, your preferences and satisfaction are all that matter.

Interior painting can be hard, especially with selecting the right colours, preparing the walls, and painting. You need help from professionals at each step to save money and time. Visit Surepaint at to learn more about interior and exterior painting or to hire a contractor.

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