Use this handy checklist as a guide to prepare your property before the painting team arrives to do the work.

This will ensure that both sides will have a smooth workflow and no items will be damaged or missed during the painting process.

What To Expect

On the first day of your project we aim to arrive between 7am – 8am in the morning. On the first day we set a plan with you for the rest of the project which is designed around efficiency and reducing the inconvenience of having us around your home.

The first day is mainly a preparation day when starting a project which entails getting equipment to site, preparing the work section we are working in and also making sure all correct paints and materials and delivered to site. Generally the first day isn’t as involved as other days throughout the project.

How We Paint The Exterior

When painting the exterior of a project we tend to break it down into manageable such as the eastern wall or western wall. We set up on one side of the building and work around the building one wall at a time.
This plan has many benefits which allows you the customer more time to move things around and actually have somewhere to put things, such as outdoor furniture and items in the workable area.
Every project is different and this is where creating a plan on the first day is important, this plan is updated in our project portal as often as it becomes necessary.

Please note that plans are only plans and from time to time things do change, when they change we will inform you as soon as they become aware of us.

Throughout The Project

As the project progresses we will update you in basecamp. Since you may be at work this is where our project portal allows us to easily notify you of changes along with site inspections.

Painting can look messy throughout the project and from time to time you may be tempted to point out things to our painters, which we don’t mind at all, however we need you to know that once the project is wrapped up we will do two sets of inspections.

We appreciate feedback as we are moving throughout your project however we do need to stress the need to let us complete the project before providing us with a list of things we may have missed.

Wrapping Up The Project

Once we have the project 90% completed we do an internal inspection which as a company we walk around the project and identify any items we want our painters to fix prior to handing the project over to you.

As we are getting closer to the end of the project we try to narrow down where your inspection day will fall.

It’s important to note that we do final inspections first thing in the morning between 7am – 8am Monday – Friday.

We need to have it done in the morning so we can have our painters present at the meeting so they can get straight to work fixing the outstanding items.

The final inspection with the customer happens on the last day or the day after all painting works are wrapped up. We don’t like to leave your project and come back a week or two later to take care of any small things. It’s best if it’s all done prior to leaving the job entirely.

Quick Start Checklist Guide

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