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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Weatherboard House In 2022?

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Weatherboard House In 2022?

The cost of painting a weatherboard house in 2022 can vary depending on several factors. Each property and project is unique, and there can sometimes be many variables that affect the overall cost of painting a timber weatherboard home.

Issues that can impact the cost of painting weatherboard homes

When painting your weatherboard house, several variables can significantly impact your costs. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the below questions before you begin your project, which can help identify issues that may affect your budget.

1.What is the condition of the existing coating? For example, is it heavily flaking and peeling? 

2. Do the pre-existing coatings on the property contain lead-based paint? 

3. Is there any water damage or rotted areas on the surfaces of your home that need to be repaired before painting?

4. Does the property have any pre-existing moisture ingress or mould issues?

5. How much exposure to the sun does the property typically have?

Preparing your home before painting

When painting the exterior of a weatherboard building, it’s crucial to identify and repair any issues before beginning any painting work. If not, the fresh paint could end up failing, which significantly reduces the life of the paintwork.

The below steps highlight the typical approach to painting a weatherboard home:

  1. Hire a carpenter: to identify and fix any timber repairs or damaged areas that need to be replaced before painting can begin.


  2. Apply a heavy pressure wash: cleaning the surface of the building is an essential step before applying any paint to ensure that we remove all dirt and grit to help achieve a quality finish. If the property suffers from mould, we also recommend using an anti-mould solution to kill all traces of mould before painting. A clean and mould-free surface will help ensure the new paint coatings stick with no issues.


  3. Remove loose and flaking paint: scraping and sanding away any loose and flaking paint can ensure the fresh paint has both a solid and smooth foundation before painting begins. In addition, if the weatherboards contain lead-based paint, this can significantly increase the project’s overall price, as it’s important to remove any lead-based paint that is failing to keep you and your family safe from ingesting lead. To remove the paint safely and keep everyone on-site safe, we follow strict safety protocols and provide a thorough cleanup service. 

Read more about lead-based paint here

  1. Apply a primer: once all the loose and flaking paint is gone, and the surface is smooth, it’s essential to apply a primer over the bare timber areas to ensure adhesion for the topcoats. How much primer needs to be used depends on the volume of paint failure. For example, if only localised areas need to be scraped and sanded back to bare timber, then we’ll only need to do a spot prime to those areas. If, however, extensive areas of the weatherboard’s existing paint coats have been removed, then the entire wall will need to be primed. The extra time this can add to the project will increase the cost of your overall project. 

  2. Seal vertical joints: the next step involves sealing all vertical joints. Sealing can prevent moisture ingress into the sides of the weatherboard end grains. By applying a sealant to the vertical connection joints, the sealant flexes with the hot and cold contractions of the surface and prevents ingress. When we’re sealing these joints, it’s essential to check other areas that might require sealant and fill in nail holes and other depressions that can affect the result of the paintwork.

The number of issues identified when preparing your home and the severity can impact the overall cost of painting a weatherboard home. If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, we recommend organising a site inspection with one of our experienced team members to inspect the surfaces and provide you with the best course of action.

Choosing the right paint for your weatherboard home

Once the surface has been adequately prepared, we can determine the correct type of paint for your building.

Typically, the exterior of a weatherboard house should be primed with an oil-based primer before painting. Oil-based primers generally penetrate the timber better than water-based primers, meaning topcoats stick better to the surface, and the paint lasts longer.

We always recommend using a modern 100% acrylic water-based coating for all topcoats for weatherboard homes. Water-based top coats provide far superior UV protection than oil-based coatings, which is an important consideration to protect your weatherboard home against the harsh Queensland sun. Water-based top coats also benefit from flexing and contracting (almost like human skin) over the surface, making them less prone to peeling, cracking, and flaking.

Membrane masonry coatings essentially are double the thickness of normal paint coatings and are used to bridge hairline cracking on masonry surfaces along with providing excellent resistance to salt and weather over the long term given its double the thickness.

The downside to using a membrane is that there is a cost difference as the paint just doesn’t spread as far due to its thickness, this means the cost will increase when using this product.

However, if you’re not interested in using a membrane there’s no reason why you cannot use a normal premium exterior acrylic coating which will do the job just fine.

Painting Your Weatherboard Home

Once all the house preparation has been completed and you’ve chosen the most appropriate paints, the actual painting of the building is generally pretty straightforward.

If we can access the building without setting up any alloy scaffolding or elevated work platforms, we can keep costs to a minimum. However, if we need to set up scaffolding, this will add to your expenses. Depending on the height access you need, we recommend an on-site visit with a member of our team to help you determine the impact on your budget.

When painting the exterior of a weatherboard house, our standard price generally includes painting the following areas: 

  • Colourbond fascia and gutters
  • Exterior timber doors and frames 
  • Soffits and patio ceilings

Areas that are not typically included in our pricing include: 

  • Timber windows and frames 
  • Balustrading and handrails
  • Timber palings to the lower portion of the house
  • Retaining walls
  • Fences
  • Gates 
  • Decks
  • Window hoods 

These areas and any other areas not mentioned above are not included in our standard pricing for home painting. Instead, these will be quoted as additional items and can impact your project’s overall cost. In addition, depending on the condition of these additional items, we may also need to repair items before we can start painting.

The Painting Process Recap:

To recap, at Surepaint, we take the following approach to painting weatherboard homes:

    • Pressure wash surfaces with an anti-mould solution
    • Scrape and sand loose and flaking paint
    • Use exterior filler to fill in any dents and nail holes in the weatherboards
    • Spot prime the bare weatherboard timber areas and apply filler
    • Caulk vertical joints to weatherboards
    • Apply two coats of premium exterior acrylic with UV protection
    • Complete site clean up

Average costs to paint a weatherboard house in Brisbane

As a helpful guide, we’ve provided some standard prices for a variety of typical weatherboard homes in the Greater Brisbane area, giving you a general overview of the type of prices you may expect to pay for painting your property. As mentioned, however, the cost can significantly vary if there are issues identified with your property, such as featuring lead-based paint or moisture ingress.

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