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Interior Painting Service Brisbane

A high-quality residential interior painting service for Brisbane homes

Feel like the inside of your house is a bit tired or dated? Looking for a change, or wanting to spruce up your home as part of a renovation, or to prepare it to sell? A fresh coat of paint on your interior walls can work wonders for your home.

It can be tricky to get it right – you’ll want it to be smooth, even, and you wouldn’t want to get paint over your furniture, floor, or belongings, right? Painting can also take time, especially if you have a busy schedule.

At Surepaint, we understand all of this, and are here to help. Not only can we save you serious time and effort, but we deliver fantastic results and always hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of professionalism. Furthermore, we can work around your schedule, to cause as little disruption as possible for you and your family.

Regardless of what your vision is for your home, our highly qualified and experienced interior house painters can bring new life to the inside of your home. So why not get in touch today for a free quote estimate?


Get in touch with us today for interior painting quotes in Brisbane from a team with a reputation for quality workmanship and friendly service. You can call up our dedicated customer assistance team or complete a free quote estimate form to get started. While you’re here, explore our interior painting FAQ’s below or discover more about Surepaint and our other painting services.

Our Interior Painting Process

From the beginning of the project to its completion, Surepaint’s house painters are with you every step of the way, and will do their very best to give you a beautiful result.


Once you’ve gotten in touch and received a quote estimate, one of our team will visit the property to discuss your plans, and to provide a more detailed quote. From there, we work out the details of how to tackle the project, including site access requirements and working around your family’s schedule.

Paint Selection

We use a range of high-quality paints that are from an Australian-owned manufacturer. If you need assistance in picking colours or finishes, our team of interior designers can guide you through all available options and provide tips on what will work in your home.


Now we have a plan and worked out what paints and colours you’re after, we’ll get to work. Our painters will prepare the surfaces you want painted, apply multiple coats and finishing touches before cleaning up.

Property Protection

From every stage we seek to be careful to help protect your home and belongings. Surepaint has an extensive liability insurance policy to cover any accidents that might occur - but this is a rarity. With the right paints and techniques, we will deliver gorgeous finishes that last.

How is Interior Painting Done?

Depending on what exactly we’re painting, our interior house painting process might work a little differently. Our expert team use a proven method and a range of premium-grade paints to get the job done and deliver an amazing finish. For interior walls and ceilings, our painting process looks like this:

Lightly sand the desired area, which helps the paint stick better

Fill in any dents and scratches

Apply gap filler to any cracks in the walls and ceilings

Seal in any stains

Spot prime bare areas to be painted

Use anti-mould coatings in bathroom walls and wet area ceilings

Apply the first coat of interior acrylic paint

Apply the second coat of interior acrylic paint

Tidy up

Our standard interior trim painting process is a bit different:

Lightly sand for adhesion

Fill in scratches, dents and holes

Apply a specialised oil-based primer for adhesion

Apply first coat of water-based enamel

Apply a second coat of enamel

Of course, no matter what we’re painting, our interior house painters will apply drop sheets and covers and tape off any areas you don’t want painted, so you won’t be left with any mess, just a fantastic new paint job! 

Should we come across anything else during the project, our professionals may raise the need for additional associated services that can be included to ensure the best possible protection for your home and to ensure the longevity of your new paint job.


Associated Services for Interior Painting in Brisbane

Depending on the needs of the property, you may find our experts would highly recommend some of the following associated services. We always aim to deliver the best possible outcome, and will be open and honest, so you can ask us any questions about these extra services.

Plaster repairs

Mould removal

Stain block priming for water damage or smoke stains

Water damage repairs

Anti-mould coatings for additional surfaces (not just the bathroom)

Low VOC coatings

Interior House Painting FAQ’s

Our interior paintings work across Greater Brisbane, from the North to the South, East and West. We provide interior house painting for all manner of Brisbane properties, including heritage-listed homes, residential townhouses and body corporate properties.

Yes, if you’ve purchased an apartment or residential body corporate property, our painting team and provide the same high-quality interior painting services we do for freestanding homes. Site access can be a little trickier, so we would highly recommend you inform the body corporate and contact us to discuss any issues.

Surepaint uses a range of premium paints from Haymes, an Australian-owned paint manufacturer who produces high-quality products designed to survive Australia’s weather. The different types of paints include water-based acrylics, oil-based enamels, low sheen and matte finish paints, plus specialised primers and other products.

We also use other brands like Dulux should the customer request it.

The paints we use are available in any colour! Even outside of Haymes’ range, we can tint the paints of other manufacturers that we might use, such as Dulux, to achieve the colour you want. The paints are also available in a range of finishes to give a different look to your home’s interior space.

We take great care to avoid making a mess of your family’s home interior, but should something like that occur, we’ll work to tidy it up and have the home looking clean. This is a rare occurrence thanks to our attention to detail, plus the measures we take to cover and protect the surfaces you don’t want painted.
Yes, Surepaint provides a 10 year warranty on painting that we carry out for interior and exterior painting. Your new paint job should not peel, flake or blister within 10 years, provided it’s looked after. If something does go wrong, you can rest easy knowing we’ll handle it.
The longevity of your new coat of paint will depend on wear and tear and how much activity the painted surface sees during the day. For example, high-traffic areas might need a touch up every 3 to 5years, while bedroom walls generally only need a touch up every 8 to 10 years.

See the work

Explore some past projects completed by our interior painters in Brisbane. Who knows, you might even find inspiration for your own painting project!

Why use Surepaint?

Learn why and how we’ve built a name for ourselves as some of the best painters in Brisbane, and what we can promise for all our clients.

Our Promise

Our Promise

SurepaintTM promises a quality result for all customers. More than that, we dedicate ourselves to fantastic services from beginning to end, no matter how big or small the project. We hold ourselves to rigorous standards to ensure we can deliver on our promises, and will do all we can to help you realise your home interior painting dreams.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We’ve got premium-grade paints designed for Australia. Our interior house painters are qualified and experienced. We use the best painting practices and latest technology. All of this means that when you contact SurepaintTM, you are guaranteed quality workmanship.

10 year + Warranty

10 Year Warranty

We are confident in the products we use and believe in our painting process. SurepaintTM offers a 10 year workmanship warranty on all our painting services, so you know that we’re putting our money where our mouth is. If the paint peels, blisters or flakes off before the warranty is up, we’ll fix it free of charge.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

No one should compromise on quality just to get an affordable paint job. We're some of the best painters in Brisbane, but keep our prices fair and competitive. We’re upfront and transparent about costs, from your free quote estimate to the final bill and any additional work that’s carried out, so you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Honest Policy

Honest Policy

Honesty is one of our key business values. Honesty is what drives our promises and quality guarantee. Not only does it lead to better service, but our integrity has helped us develop long-lasting relationships with a range of clients. While we’ve grown over the years, we still provide that friendly and personal service you’d expect from a small business.


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