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Surepaint™ is a professional timber deck contractor located in the Brisbane area specializing in residential & commercial timber deck recoating & restorations. Our timber deck teams are trained and experienced professionals.

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Our professional timber deck recoating & restoration team specialize in all types of timber deck sanding, timber deck staining and timber deck recoating throughout the Brisbane region.

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Why use Surepaint?

Discover why people across Brisbane use Surepaint for timber deck restoration & recoating, plus a wide range of other deck services that we can offer.

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Our Promise

When you choose SurepaintTM, you’re choosing an experiencing business with expert professionals who hold themselves to the highest possible standards. We know how important it is to get lead paint removal right, and we promise to deliver the best results possible.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We have established strong protocols to ensure we’re always doing the best work possible, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

10 year + Warranty

10 Year Warranty

For any painting service you hire us for, SurepaintTM is proud to provide a 10 Year Warranty on our workmanship. If the paint flakes, peels or blisters within 10 years of completion, we’ll fix it for free.

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Competitive Pricing

Lead-based paint removal can be costly, but we work to keep prices affordable and fair - we believe you should never have to compromise on safety or quality.

Honest Policy

Honest Policy

Honesty is integral to how we operate as a business. We’re transparent and upfront on costs, and make recommendations for any extra services based on experience and expertise alone.

Timber Deck Recoating & Restoration Brisbane

Deck sanding, staining and oil recoating in the Brisbane region

There are few better ways to enjoy the beauty of Brisbane than by kicking back and relaxing on a beautiful timber deck. Whether your deck is a place for mindfulness and serenity, or a bubbling hive of activity during house parties and entertaining, you’ll want to have your deck in prime condition.

Timber is a beautiful material, with a wonderful range of deep natural colours – but it can get scuffed and damaged from exposure to the harsh Australian sun. 

That’s where we come in.

If your wooden deck or patio is in need of a refurbish, contact Surepaint. Our expert professionals can rejuvenate timber decking across Brisbane, and with a bit of hard work and quality oils or stains, we’ll have your deck looking as good as new – all at a great price! 

For timber deck recoating from a team with a reputation for dedicated customer service, beautiful results at fair prices, get in touch with us today. You can contact Surepaint’s friendly customer support team to get a free quote estimate, or alternatively complete our online form. To learn more about us and what we do, explore our customer reviews, project galleries and other painting services.

Our Timber Deck Restoration Process

Once you’ve received your free quote estimate, we’ll arrange to have one of our professional and qualified tradesmen inspect the property. The overall process, from conception to completion, looks like this.


When we inspect the property, you’ll not only receive more detailed quotes based on the specifics of your project and the work involved, but our staff will be able to explain all aspects of our deck maintenance service. We’ll discuss the different products and options, colours and finishes we can do, as well as planning the specifics of the project like site access requirements.

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This is where we really get to work. Whether the project requires full timber deck recoating or just sanding and staining, Surepaint’s qualified experts will ensure the job gets done swiftly and to the highest possible standard, giving you an amazing result by the project’s end.

Property Protection

The materials we use are premium-grade products designed for the Australian weather, and our methods are proven to ensure your newly refurbished deck not only looks great but will look great for years to come. We also take steps to minimise mess, and will protect the surfaces you don’t want stained. For some of the best timber decking restoration in Brisbane, get in touch with Surepaint today. We’ve earned a reputation for amazing, dedicated customer service and superb results. You can complete the claims form for a free initial quote, or contact us directly.  While you’re here, why not learn more about timber decking restoration and the other services we have to offer?

How is Timber Deck Restoration done?

Surepaint’s experienced Brisbane tradies typically use two approaches to timber deck recoating, depending on your desires and the needs of the home. You might only need simple timber deck recoating, or a full deck rejuvenation project. 

For simpler deck spruce-ups, our method is as follows:

Tape off and cover areas on the deck that are not to be stained

Wash down the timber deck with deck cleaner

Lightly sand in the deck and punch-in any loose nails

Apply a coat of decking product

Return and apply the final coat after 24 hours

Tidy up and pack down

For a full timber deck restoration project, there’s a bit more to it, but the results are superb:

For simpler deck spruce-ups, our method is as follows:

Prepare the work area

Punch in loose nails

Machine sand the deck back to bare wood

Wash down the deck with deck cleaner

Apply three coats of decking product, waiting for 24 hours between each coat

Tidy up

If there is any other work you want done around the house, we can incorporate a range of associated services into your project. We may make certain recommendations based on our professional’s experience and what you’re looking for. 

For simpler deck spruce-ups, our method is as follows:

Timber Deck Recoating FAQ's

Surepaint uses a mix of Sikkens and Haymes. Sikkens is originally a Dutch brand and today is one of the best woodcare product manufacturers in the world. Haymes is an Australian-made and owned painting product manufacturer with high-quality decking products designed for Brisbane conditions.

We have a range of colours available for your Brisbane deck maintenance project. There are slight differences between brands as well as whether you’re after a satin or gloss varnish finish. Check out our colour chart below to see what we have available.

The biggest difference between decking oils and stains is the look. Decking oils have natural pigments and don’t radically change the colour of the wood, but help add a protective layer and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Stains are primarily designed to change the wood’s colour, but they can add some protection as well.

Deck oiling may last longer in Brisbane weather conditions than water-based stains, but deck sanding and staining for Brisbane homes can still provide protection that lasts for a few years – with the proper maintenance.

Technically the answer is yes, but to apply water-based stain you first have to sand back the oils and timber, as the stain won’t work effectively if the oil coating is still in place, and this works both ways. It may be simpler to simply do a light refurbish with decking oils instead, depending on what you’re looking for.

Yes, you can still get your deck sanding and staining done as part of your deck restoration project. We simply have to push them down if they’re sticking up. Most nails and screws used on decks in Brisbane are designed to sit flush to avoid creating any hazards.

After the final coat of the deck recoating product of your choosing is applied, you typically have to wait 24 to 48 hours before you can enjoy and use your wooden deck again. 

Brisbane weather can cause disruptions to timber deck restoration projects. Should it occur, work will be delayed until it clears up. This can be irritating due to the longer drying time of timber decking products compared to exterior or interior wall paints. 

We will keep you apprised of any delays or disruptions, and while we can’t do much about the weather, Surepaint will be there for you and get the job done as swiftly as we can. 


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