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DIY vs. Pro Painting for an Interior Paint Job

Thanks to platforms like YouTube, acquiring skills has become a walk in the park. And more people have started serious DIY projects like painting thanks to the skills acquired online. However, not all projects are DIY material, and sometimes, you need professional help to turn a project into a masterpiece. And, for an interior paint job, hiring a professional painting company can make a massive difference in the outcome. But, how do you decide whether to hire a pro painter or take the DIY route? Here are several factors you can consider:

Purpose Of The Paint Job

Before you decide whether to do the interior paint job yourself or hire a pro, it’s essential to determine the purpose of the job. There are three primary reasons why most owners want to paint their home’s interior.


One way to significantly boost the price value of your home is by giving it a fresh paint job. A fresh coat of paint adds value to your home and enables you to sell the house faster. If you’re prepping your home for sale, then you should hire a professional painter. A pro painter has the right equipment and know-how to produce an exceptionally finished product compared to an individual doing it themselves. They also understand that time is a factor and will get the entire project done quite fast.


Another reason most homeowners want a paint job for their home’s interior is to make it look fabulous again. For this type of job, it would be best to hire a professional painter to help actualize your dream. As the homeowner, you can work with the pro painter to select colour combinations that align with your vision.

3.Cover the Walls

If this is your goal, you can do the paint job yourself, as the quality isn’t as critical. Your budget may also be tight, and doing it yourself may be the only way to get the job done quickly.


Another factor to consider is the cost of hiring a pro painter. First, with DIY, you save money as the only expenses you have are paint brushes, materials, and protective equipment. But, the result often triples the cost, as most DIY painting jobs end up with messy surfaces, rough colours, and gout. While a pro painter is maybe a little more expensive, their knowledge and skills guarantee that a flawless job is done every time.
They also plan and prepare for every paint job by inspecting and priming the surfaces. If there’s something out of the ordinary, the painter will take note of it and solve it immediately.


Most DIY painters never consider safety when planning for an interior paint job. And, as such, accidents tend to happen, as there are no safety precautions in place. A professional painter understands the importance of safety in any job. They ensure that they have the suitable materials, equipment, expertise, and supplies to help them work safely. They also have liability insurance, which helps protect them and the homeowner in unforeseen circumstances.


Painting your home’s interior yourself can take up a lot of your valuable time, especially if you have other responsibilities. It is also tiring and can take days or even weeks to complete the entire project. By hiring the services of a professional painter, you can save a lot of time. You also get to remove the hassle of buying the right equipment for the job, as they come with their own. Another convenience is that the project can be completed within a short period.

Painting Problems

Several problems may arise during an interior painting job that can make it hard to complete the project. Professional painters have numerous trade secrets that enable them to deal with any problems that may arise effectively. They also pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that they have a complete room with no mistakes.

Preparing The Surface

It is never advisable to start any paint job without prepping the surface. Even when a surface doesn’t appear chipped, it may still have stains that can make your painting job quite tricky. Do-it-yourself painting jobs often tend to be disastrous as you may not know what a particular surface requires. A professional painter knows the needs of every surface.
For instance, a professional painter knows that wood surfaces need replacing, especially in a moist environment. They ensure they prep the surface according to its requirements. They also know what primer to use for that particular area and the amount required.

Long-lasting Paint Job

If you want your interior paint job to last for long, then hiring a professional painter would be your best bet. DIY painting can sometimes turn out quite poorly, which means having to spend more to hire a painter. But, the quality of work done by a pro painter guarantees that you won’t have to pay more money after a few months to get the job done again.

Choosing the Right Paint Colors

DIY projects give you the freedom to choose the number of paint coats and colours you desire for your wall. But, this freedom can sometimes result in a horrible outcome that forces you to hire a painting expert to restore your home. A pro painter is knowledgeable about the types of treatments required for particular surfaces and the best colour choice for your house.
A professional painter will offer you advice on the best colours to choose and what will work best for you. They are also aware of the most popular colours and newest trends on the market, which you can use to your advantage.
So, if you are looking to update your home and give it an elegant look, you should never do it yourself. By hiring the services of a professional painter like Surepaint, you get value for your money and quality work done. For more information about our services, check out our website:

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