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School Painting Brisbane

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School Painting Brisbane

Surepaint will work with your school to create a bespoke painting solution that meets your specific needs and budget. Whether it's a fresh coat of paint for the classrooms or a complete makeover for the school grounds, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. And because we understand the importance of safety in schools, all of our work is carried out in accordance with Australian safety standards.

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School Painters Brisbane

Surepaint™ is a professional school painting contractor located in the Brisbane area specializing in commercial painting services like school painting and office painting. Our professional commercial painters are trained and experienced so you can expect quality workmanship and excellent service every single time.

Surepaint Commercial Painting

Chemical School Painting

Surepaint specialises in various applications of chemical painting. Our team of school painting follow strict protocols to ensure our customers and team are safe in the school painting process.

Our School Painting Services

Our professional school painting team specialize in all types of school painting and school painting encapsulation throughout the Brisbane region.

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School Painting

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School Painting Clean Up

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Have Your School Painting Done By Brisbane’s Expert Commercial Painters

Why use Surepaint?

Discover why people across Brisbane use Surepaint for School Painting, plus a wide range of painting services that we can offer.

Surepaint Promise

Our Promise

When you choose SurepaintTM, you’re choosing an experiencing business with expert professionals who hold themselves to the highest possible standards. We know how important it is to get lead paint removal right, and we promise to deliver the best results possible.

Surepaint Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We have established strong protocols to ensure we’re always doing the best work possible, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Surepaint 10 Year Warranty on painting

10 Year Warranty

For any painting service you hire us for, SurepaintTM is proud to provide a 10 Year Warranty on our workmanship. If the paint flakes, peels or blisters within 10 years of completion, we’ll fix it for free.

Surepaint- Get Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

School Painting can be costly, but we work to keep prices affordable and fair - we believe you should never have to compromise on safety or quality.

Surepaint Honest Policy

Honest Policy

Honesty is integral to how we operate as a business. We’re transparent and upfront on costs, and make recommendations for any extra services based on experience and expertise alone.

We are members of the Master Painters of Queensland and incredibly proud to be members that support Brisbane painters

As one of the leading painters in the Brisbane area, we hold a cover for 10 Million in public liability insurance. Our painters all follow a strict OH&S policy.

Surepaint is completely licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Authority to undertake residential & commercial projects of all sizes and scopes.

As a professional house painters, we are a part of the Interior Design Association (IDA) along with supporting other industry associations in order to stay up to date with market trends and changes. 

School Building Painting Brisbane

Interior and exterior painting for schools throughout Brisbane

If you’re responsible for managing a school, there will come a time when the paint will need a refresh. Maybe it’s old and you want to make the building look as good as new, or you’re redoing the colours in the classrooms to keep the kids engaged and create a harmonious atmosphere for learning. 

Perhaps the school itself is going through a rebrand and the school’s uniforms and colours are changing?

Whatever your reasons for getting a new paint job for the school, you’ll want a crew of professionals that get the job done swiftly and can deliver results that will last for years. This is where Surepaint can help. 

Surepaint has a team of experienced school painters working across Brisbane. Our hard-working crew follow the best practice guidelines and deliver amazing results at prices that won’t break the bank. 

Surepaint Interior Painting Services Brisbane- Prepping a ceiling for interior painting

Get in touch today to start your Brisbane school painting project with an obligation-free, no-cost quote estimate. 

Surepaint- Exterior Painting Services Brisbane
It’s amazing what a well-painted coat of paint can do for a school and its space. If you’re looking to inject some new life and energy into the classrooms to help students feel soothed, alert, and focused so they can learn, fill out our Free Quote form today to discuss your school painting needs with us.

Our School Painting Process

With school painting, you’ll want painters that respect the building, are neat, tidy, professional, organised and provide a high-quality service. Here’s how our painting process works to tick all the boxes.


Always the most important step, planning will see one of Surepaint’s staff visit the site to provide a detailed quote with all expenses. We will work with you to achieve the school’s goals for the new paintwork, discuss site access requirements, working hours, and a timeframe for delivery. 

Paint Selection

Once we know what you’re after, we can help you choose the right colours, types of paints, and finishes you want to use for the interior and exterior surfaces you want to be painted. The different year levels and uses for the building can have a big effect on what colours you want to use, and the team at Surepaint can provide a free consultation and visualisation of the finished project. 


In this step, we knuckle down and get to work. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and professionalism. We know teachers and staff have plenty to do (even on holidays and weekends), and we will cause minimum disruption – we don’t blast music too loud or carry on; we’re here to provide a service and get the job done right.

Property protection

What would be the point of hiring a professional team of painters if the paint job fades or cracks too quickly? As one of Surepaint’s clients, your school can rest assured knowing that you’re covered by a 10 Year Warranty. We use some of the best quality paints designed for Brisbane’s climate and take care to execute our work to the highest quality, so staff, students and families can enjoy the new look for years to come.

How is School Painting Done?

The exact steps for painting will be determined by what type of surface it is. Our interior and exterior painting processes are similar, but do have slight differences.

For classrooms, bathrooms, staffrooms and offices our interior painting process looks like this:

Cover the ground with a protective sheet to avoid a mess

Tape off walls, windows, doorframes and other surfaces that won’t be painted

Sand the area to be painted lightly to promote adhesion for the paint

Use gap filler on nail holes, scratches and dents

Seal in any stains that can’t be removed by sanding (so they can be painted over)

Apply a primer to the bare area to be painted

First coat of low VOC interior acrylic paint is applied

An anti-mould solution gets applied to bathrooms, kitchens, science labs and other wet areas

Apply a second coat of low VOC interior acrylic paint

Complete finishing touches, tidy up and pack down the area

Surepaint- Interior Painting Services Brisbane
Interior trims like doorframes and windowsills are often painted with enamel, which uses an oil-based primer and water-based enamel coats.
Surepaint- Exterior Painting Services Brisbane
When we assess the property, we may point out other issues that can be fixed with an associated service. If you want more than just internal or external painting done for the school, we can add additional services to your package to provide great value at a fair price.
Our exterior surfaces are done using the following formula:

Pressure wash surfaces

Apply groundsheets and tape off surfaces that won’t be painted

Scrape off flaking or loose paint

Use a gap filler to repair holes and dents to get a smooth surface

Spot prime the wall or surface

Apply a sealer coat

First coat of exterior acrylic paint

Once dry, apply second coat of paint

Finishing details

Tidy up

Associated Services for School Painting

Here are some of the more common painting services Surepaint provides for Brisbane schools:

Plaster repairs 

Water damage repairs

Timber deck coatings 

Metal and anti-corrosion coatings 

Car park and line marking

Low VOC coatings

Pressure washing

Commercial roof painting

Surepaint Commercial Painting

School Painting FAQ’s

The length of time it takes to paint a school will depend on the number of classrooms and buildings you want to get painted. Additionally, older weatherboard or heritage buildings typically have intricate details that take a little longer to paint than flat modern surfaces. 
Generally any time of the year is good, though Brisbane’s storm season can cause delays to exterior painting. When it comes to school painting in particular, it’s generally best to get this done during school holidays and after hours so we don’t cause any disruption to the school’s daily operation and it’s easier for us to access the areas we need to paint.
We service all suburbs within Brisbane Council and the Greater Brisbane region, from the north to the south, to the east and the west, plus the Brisbane CBD and inner suburbs.
Colour can have a significant effect on students and their learning. The exact colour you would want to paint the classroom will depend on the year levels that use the room and what kind of atmosphere you wish to create. 

For example, pale blues and light purples are calming, while soft warm colours can be relaxing while helping promote alertness. There are also numerous shades of white that may suit your needs better. Generally, bold, strong colours can be fun but create a heavy and distracting atmosphere, and lighter colours are typically the way to go when it comes to classroom design.

In interior spaces, paint fumes can be nauseating and affect students with asthma or other sensitivities. We can provide low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints which dry faster and give off very little fumes.

However, given that we do most Brisbane school painting projects during school holidays, the fumes will be gone by the start of the next term or school year. If you have any concerns at all you can contact our friendly staff to discuss school interior painting options.

Accidents and injuries are rare, but they can happen. While we work hard to ensure our staff and all those on-site are safe, we also have an extensive business insurance policy with liability coverage for injuries and damages should they occur. 
The finished coat of paint will typically last around 10 years, given proper maintenance. Some walls in heavily trafficked areas, like hallways and inner walls around desks, shelves and light switches will normally need a touch up every 3 to 5 years or so.


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Surepaint is located at 22/47 Park Road, Brisbane, Queensland, 4064, AU. From Brisbane Airport (BNE) continue to East-West Arterial Rd and then drive from Airport Link and M3 to Petrie Terrace. Take the exit toward State Rte 32/Milton Rd/City/Toowong/Ipswich from M3 and use any lane to turn right onto Milton Rd/State Route 32. Turn left onto Park Rd and then Surepaint will be on the right.

We’re open 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday Closed.

For additional questions you can call us at 0449 846 744 or you can find us on WordofMouth.

Surepaint provides high quality house washing services across Greater Brisbane, from the Inner City Suburbs to the Moreton BayNorthernSouthernEastern and Western suburbs.

Contact us to know more about our other services: interior painting, exterior painting, lead paint removal, timber deck recoating, house washing and roof painting.
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