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Exterior House Painting: The Complete List Of What You Need

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Painting the exterior of your home is a huge project. To ensure the best results, we recommend hiring a house painter. However, if you’re feeling lucky, you may want to approach this task yourself. If you have chosen the Do-It-Yourself path, you need to be properly prepared for what is to come. This article explores the full list of the essential things that you need to pull this project off.

A Pressure Washer

When it comes to exterior painting, you need to understand the importance of preparation. Preparation isn’t just getting all of the supplies that you need for the job. It also includes preparing the surface to be worked on. You’ll need to come to terms with the fact that the exterior walls of your home will be dirty. Sometimes, it may contain grime and other disgusting particles. To ensure that the exterior painting project comes out looking great, you need to clean the surfaces.

Your pressure washer will come in handy for cleaning purposes. Dedicate a few hours to properly pressure wash the exterior surface of your home before getting started. If you do not have a pressure washer, buy. If it is too expensive, rent one or borrow from family or friends.

Sander and/or Scraper

We are still in the spirit of surface preparation. The old coat of paint on your exterior wall is an enemy to the new one. Applying a fresh coat of paint directly on the old paint can leave you with a subpar outcome. A great way to ensure that the final result matches your expectations is to scrape the exterior wall surfaces. Using a sander or scraper, get to work on ridding the surface of chipped and old paint.

Paint Brush

What is a paint job without a paintbrush? As part of your supplies for the exterior painting project, invest in a good quality paintbrush. Remember that the quality of your paintbrush will affect your paint strokes. It is best to choose a 3” inch flat wall brush if you are a beginner in the painting world. This paintbrush will save you a lot of time while also offering a good grip.

Trim Brush

Are you confused about getting the paint to cover angled areas without messing up a perfect day’s job? Here’s where the angled trim brush comes into the picture. Using the angled trim brush, you can easily spread the paint to the areas under the eaves and soffits. You may consider the 2” inch angled trim brush for a beginner and a perfect job.

Small Roller

All of the trims in your way cannot be properly handled using the angled trim brush. A good way to approach this is to add a small roller to your list of purchases. A small 4” inch roller and roller frame will do an amazing job.

Large Roller

For the bulk of the painting job, you need a roller that is easy to handle and offers a wide area coverage. The roller will be your go-to tool for spreading paint across the surface of your exterior walls. For a perfect finish, we recommend a 9” inch roller to get the job done. If you feel unsure about the entire project, you recommend that you stick to the regular-sized rollers and roller frame.

Roller Grate

One of the biggest secrets you will discover during this project is that exterior painting isn’t as simple and easy as you may have presumed. Exterior painting takes time and energy. You need a roller grate to get the job going. With a roller grate, you can successfully minimize waste and also increase the coverage area of each gallon of paint used. Be careful to prevent the grate from falling into your paint bucket. This can be a frustrating development for you.

Drop Cloths

If you want an amazing finish, you need to pay attention to the basics. The finesse of your exterior paint job and its detail can add to your home’s beauty. You do not want to have stained the floors surrounding the walls with paint after completing the job. A great way to save yourself from the stress of cleaning the paint stains is to get drop cloths. Make sure to layer these drop cloths on the floors of the areas you’re walking on. Surely, they may come back stained, but it’s better than dealing with paint spots and splashes on the floor.

Painters Tape

Painting and painter’s tape is like 5 and 6. If you plan to layer one or more colors, a painter’s tape is the right material to get on board with. Using painter’s tape, you can keep your lines straight and prevent errors that can ruin a day’s worth of work.


What is exterior painting without a ladder? You need a sturdy and strong ladder to help you reach those areas that are high up. You want to ensure that your fresh coat of paint covers all of your work surfaces, and a ladder will help you reach those areas. If you do not already have a ladder, buy one. If you are looking to save money, ask your neighbor, family, or friends.


Having an extra bucket can come in handy, especially when you need to mix paints or climb up the ladder. It is recommended that you get an extra bucket to halve your paint to improve mobility.

Caulking Gun

The sealings around your window and doors are important to the overall painting process. Getting a caulking gum allows you to seal those cracks and open spaces once and for all. By doing this, you improve insulation and also safeguard your home by blocking pest entry points.

Small Paint Bucket

You’ll need small paint buckets for the finishing stages of the job. The small paint bucket can be used to touch up some areas that appear inconsistent with surrounding areas.

Painting Clothes

You do not want to ruin your valued clothes while engaging in your DIY project. Get some clothes that aren’t as special for the project.

Exterior painting can be demanding; however, with a “Can Do” attitude and the right materials, you are well on your way to success. Need more tips for your exterior or interior painting needs? Visit


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