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How Much Does Roof Painting Cost In Brisbane? 2023 Price Guide

When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are many things that need to be considered in order to maintain its appearance and value. Of these, painting your roof is one of the most important. But how much does roof painting cost in Brisbane? And what should you expect to pay if you are DIY-ing or hiring a professional? In this article, we’ll take a look at the prices for roof painting in Brisbane, as well as some tips on how to keep your costs down. So if you’re thinking about giving your roof a fresh new look, keep reading!

What does painting a roof involve?

Painting your roof involves more than just grabbing a bucket and a brush, taking some steps up a ladder and going for it. In order to do the job properly, there are a few things that need to be considered. The first thing you need to do is a roof inspection to check the current condition of your roof. You also need to make sure that your roof is clean. This can mean pressure cleaning to remove any dirt, mould or mildew. Once your roof is clean, you’ll need to repair any damage that has been done by the elements, such as cracked tiles or missing shingles. This may include patching up holes, fixing cracked roof tiles, or replacing missing ones. Once your roof is clean and repaired, that is only when you can finally start painting.

DIY Roof Painting vs Professional Roof Painting

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to tackle the job yourself or hire a professional. If you’re handy with a paintbrush and have a steady hand, then DIY-ing your roof painting might be the way to go. However, it’s important to note that this is a big job – one that’s not for the faint of heart. Not to mention, it’s also a very time-consuming project. So if you’re not up for spending a weekend (or more) on a ladder, then it might be best to leave this one to the professionals.

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Actual Cost of a DIY Roof Painting Job

The cost of a DIY roof painting job will depend on a few things, such as the size of your roof, the type of paint you use, and how much prep work is involved. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around $250-$500 for materials, which will include the paint, primer, ladder, drop sheets and other necessary supplies. Of course, the cost of your project can go up or down depending on the brand of paint you choose and how many litres you need. Above all, the biggest cost of a DIY project would be your precious time. If you’re painting your roof white, it will probably take just a day or two. But if you’re using a darker colour, it will take longer because the paint needs to dry for several days before it’s waterproof. If you don’t have the time, you can consider hiring a professional team of Brisbane painters to do it for you.

Biggest Factors That Affect the Cost of Roof

Painting Services in Brisbane

If you decide to choose from the many roof painting companies in Brisbane, the cost will be based on a few factors as well. Some of the most notable factors include the size and pitch of the roof, the type of paint used, and the complexity of the work required. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can affect the average cost of roof painting services.

Roof Type

One of the most important factors that will affect the cost of your roof painting project is the type of roof you have. For example, a tiled roof is going to be more expensive to paint than a corrugated iron roof. This is because tiled roofs are more complex, with each tile needing to be individually painted. In contrast, a corrugated iron roof is much simpler and can be painted in one go.

Roof Complexity and Access Difficulties

Another factor that can affect the cost of roof painting is the complexity of the job. For example, a two-storey house with a gabled roof is going to be more expensive to paint than a single-story house with a flat roof. This is because there are more surfaces to paint and more angles to reach.

Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof is also something to consider when it comes to the cost of painting. A steeply pitched roof is going to be more difficult (and therefore more expensive) to paint than a shallow pitched roof. This is because it will require specialised equipment to reach the higher areas.

Dulux Antique White
Dulux Natural White

Dulux Natural White

Natural White is a warm white and its versatility spans across new and old properties, contemporary homes, as well as traditional. It is an excellent choice if you are giving your home a facelift before sale as it is easy to work with when styling with fresh plants and light coloured furniture

Dulux Whisper White

Dulux Whisper White

Whisper White is warm, welcoming and has substance, and period properties – Victorian and Edwardian homes – benefit from this white given its depth. In a space that doesn’t get much bright sunlight, Dulux Whisper White can really lift the room.

Antique White Usa

Dulux Antique White USA

Antique White U.S.A. is a hero of all whites as it is fresh and crisp without being clinical, and tends to work in most spaces despite varied conditions. A total all-rounder that never disappoints. Given its warmth with homely tones Dulux natural white works really well with natural stones without the space feeling like a hospital.

Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter

Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter

Hog Bristle Quarter is a beautiful warm white that has the slightest ‘biscuit’ undertone – it has always been our go to colour when creating warm cozy spaces. This colour work beautifully well in Queenslander style homes with VJ panels and heigh ceilings. This colour also works really well with accent trims in a lighter warm white to make the trims & doors pop out from the walls.

Snowy Mountains Half

Dulux Snowy Mountains Half

Snowy mountains quarter works extremely well on ceilings, doors and trims. It has a very warm yet white tone which isn’t too ‘clinical’ like when using a cool white.

Snowy Mountains Quarter works fantastic on its own to brighten up a space yet still makes it feel warm and homely but without the “cream” or “brown” tones.

4 Of The Best Cool Whites To Paint Your Interior!

Dulux Vivid White

Dulux Vivid White

If you are looking for absolute pure white, then Dulux vivid white is the colour for you. This white is pure white without any blues, blacks, yellows, umbers or brown tints added. It is great for brightening up darker areas where you need the light to really reflect.

Dulux White on White

Dulux White On White

White on White™ is a cooler-toned white that is clean and energising, suited to modern homes with timber or concrete flooring, as well as hard surface areas like the kitchen and bathroom. It has a touch of bluey grey and is a cooler toned white that isn’t as polarising and clinical as the lexicons and vivid whites.

Dulux Lexicon

Dulux Lexicon

“Lexicon® is a bold white and pairs brilliantly with timber flooring, exposed brick and polished concrete. It is a perfect shade for displaying your artwork collection or bouncing around lots of natural sunlight.”

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

“Lexicon® Quarter is a versatile white that has a slightly blueish undertone – it is crisp, clean and bright and works beautifully in modern spaces, as well as a backdrop for colourful and eclectic art, furnishings and homewares.”

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