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House Washing Brisbane

High pressure cleaning for homes in the Brisbane area

You’d be amazed what a simple good high pressure clean can do to your home. It can help make the exterior surfaces feel like new, and if you’re about to put your house on the market, washing the house can go a long way to helping the home look that much more enticing.

While anyone can grab a pressure hose and have a crack at house washing, doing it incorrectly can damage the paintwork.To save yourself the time and effort of doing it yourself, why not trust the professionals?

We can provide swift house washing services across Brisbane that truly work wonders for your home. We’ve got a great eye for detail and don’t miss a beat. Our anti-mould and anti-fungal treatment also helps leave the external walls in a better condition than when we arrived.

So for fast, speedy and professional house washing in Brisbane that won’t break the bank, get in touch with Surepaint for a free quote estimate today!


As you can see our house washing method is super quick and we typically can get a home pressure cleaned within a day, though some more intricate projects might take two days. No matter the size and scale of the project, we’ll always apply the highest standards of professionalism. We aim to deliver the best results possible for every house washing project in Brisbane we’re hired for.

How Our House Washing Process Works

Homes and buildings, like many things, become dirty over time. They will collect dust and in some cases become mouldy. Our cleansing house washing process will leave your home sparkling new, and house washing is a key factor in extending the lifetime of paintwork.

Surepaint’s qualified and experienced Brisbane-based external house washing professionals can fill you in with further details specific to your home and needs, but in general, our pressure cleaning process works like this:

Apply cleaning agent and wet the walls

Apply anti-mould treatment and anti-fungal treatment (if mould is discovered)

Wait for five minutes while products get to work

Pressure clean the house and rinse off

What Types of Properties do we Pressure Clean?

We can provide house washing for a range of homes within the Greater Brisbane area. The only thing to consider is site access and whether we’ll need to bring in scaffolding to access tall buildings. Our friendly customer service team can assist with any enquiries you have about our house washing service.

Surepaint can pressure clean the following types of homes:

Free-standing houses (including heritage-listed properties)

Apartment blocks


Standalone Units


Body corporate properties

If we come across anything else which we think requires a professional touch (such as discovering rotten timber), we’ll point it out and can recommend a range of other associated services to help you protect your home and get the most out of services. 


See our list of associated services for house washing below.


Associated services for Brisbane House Washing

You may find that Surepaint’s house washers recommend the following associated services, based on you and your home’s needs. We always work to deliver exceptional results that give you that ‘wow’ factor and make a big impact to your home.

Pool area, tile and paver cleaning

Driveway cleaning

Pathway cleaning

Concrete cleaning

Exterior house painting

Timber deck and balcony recoating

Lead-based paint removal

Rotten timber repairs

House washing FAQ’s

Surepaint services the entire Greater Brisbane region, including all of North Brisbane, South Brisbane, the CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Western suburbs of Brisbane. It isn’t just house washing we offer either, but a range of painting and related services. Explore our website to learn more about what we have to offer.

Yes, our qualified and experienced expert tradesmen can remove mould and mildew from the exterior walls, pathways and patios etc. We use a specialised mould killing solution, as pressure washing alone will not kill or remove the mould.

No, the anti-mould and mildew solution we use isn’t harmful to plants when diluted, which we do when we carry out high pressure cleaning.

Timber rot can affect weatherboard and timber-frame houses, especially older homes in Brisbane. It’s essential that the damage is repaired and the rot is stopped from spreading further, as it can cause serious damage and weaken the home’s structural integrity. 

If we encounter any wood rot, we’ll notify you ASAP, and recommend that you get the damage repaired. Rotten timber repairs is something that Surepaint offers, and we can add service to your house washing project. 

We recommend that you put towels on the inside of the window tracks and on the bottom edge of outside access doors to ensure no water comes through any gaps. While we’re careful not to get water in your house while house washing, it is possible that water can overflow in the window track or come through under doorways.

Pressure cleaning done incorrectly can damage your home’s exterior paint. Surepaint’s team are all professionals in pressure washing, and we’ll notify you if there is any risk of your paintwork being damaged before we begin pressure cleaning. We always strive to get good results and avoid causing any damage or inconvenience.

For the average-sized four-bedroom brick house in Brisbane, house washing typically takes three to four hours to complete. Larger, more detailed jobs such as Queenslander style weatherboard homes and more intensive projects that include driveway and pathway washing can take a full day or up to two days to complete. 

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Highly Rated House Washing Service in Brisbane, Queensland

Surepaint is located in 22/47 Park Road, Brisbane, QLD, AU. From Brisbane Airport(BNE) continue to East-West Arterial Rd and drive from Airport Link and M3 to Petrie Terrace. Then take the exit toward State Rte 32/Milton Rd/City/Toowong/Ipswich from M3 and continue on Milton Rd/State Route 32. At this point drive to Park Rd in Milton and Surepaint will be on your right.

We are open 8AM – 4PM Monday-Friday.

For additional questions you can call us at 449846744 or you can find us on Yelp.

Why use Surepaint?

Discover how we accommodate all manner of Brisbane house washing, painting and other projects, using an honest, customer-focused approach that delivers fantastic results at a fair price.

Our Promise

Our Promise

SurepaintTM promises to deliver exceptional customer service. It isn’t just our proven painting and house washing methods, but our eye for detail, friendly communication and high standard of professionalism that guides us through every project we embark on. We always deliver on our promises when it comes to our work.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We are confident in our methods and follow the highest possible standards for commercial and residential painting work in Australia. We also evolve with the times to ensure we maintain our high level of quality, and use the latest innovations, techniques and equipment. Our crew are highly qualified, experienced professionals, and we use some of the best premium-grade products on the market.

10 year + Warranty

10 Year Warranty

To put our money where our mouth is, SurepaintTM offers all customers an exclusive 10 year warranty for all our painting services. Any painting we carry out should not peel, blister or flake for 10 years. If it does, we’ll fix it up, free of charge, giving you peace of mind knowing that the work we carry out will go the distance. When you hire SurepaintTM, no matter what the project, you know you’re in good hands.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We believe you should never have to compromise on quality workmanship just to save a few bucks. Our painters and house cleaners work to deliver superb results and do so at a fair price. We’re always transparent and accurate with prices that, when you look at our workmanship, are hard to beat.

Honest Policy

Honest Policy

Honesty is a core pillar of SurepaintTM’s business. values. Our honesty and integrity has helped SurepaintTM create and maintain multiple long-lasting, positive business relationships with our residential and commercial clients. While we’ve grown over the years, we haven’t lost sight of what’s important for a business to offer its customers.


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