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Tips for Correctly Matching Paint To Surfaces

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Paint colour is a major decision when it comes to home decorating. Different surfaces require different paints, and not always because of their texture or other physical characteristics. You can never go wrong with experienced local painters when unsure of the whole process. It’s even less burdening since a painting contractor is likely to do a better job with the project.

Rooms Might Require Different colours

Every room in your home will need a slightly different colour shade depending on your furniture, flooring, ceiling, windows, and any other decorations you may have. There is a range of colours out there, and you will want to choose one that blends well with your other decorating choices. The size of the room can also influence your decision. While smaller rooms like the bedroom will benefit from brighter, bolder colours, larger rooms with lots of windows may be better off with softer colours for better variety between walls. You will want to choose a colour that can accommodate the purpose of the room. For instance, if you are painting a room in your house that is mainly used for decoration, then selecting a bright and cheerful colour would add much to your home’s aesthetic appeal. In contrast, if you plan to use a room for storage, then a neutral colour would serve you well. When you purchase paint, spend as much as an extra 10% to 15% on the paint chips. In the long run, it will be worth it to have a perfect match from the start or immediately upon completion.
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Types Of Walls

Think about the texture of the walls in your home when deciding upon paint colours. You will have to choose a colour that is both aesthetically pleasing and strong in texture. For example, if you have a textured wall in your living room, then a neutral colour with some metallic sheen would be ideal.

Determining The Correct Finish When Painting Wood Surfaces

First, determine what kind of wood you have, to avoid getting too technical with your finish choice. This will help you keep things simple and avoid wasting money. For instance, if your wood is untreated, there’s no need to get water-based enamel paint because it will just wash away. Instead, choose a topcoat enamel designed for outdoor use and will not wash away easily. If your paint is water-based, you can use an oil-based finish without worrying about it fading.

If your wood is plastic or vinyl, choose oil-based paint. You’ll also want to choose oil-based paint if it’s fabric because most fabrics don’t take well to water-based finishes. Similarly, you can’t use latex paint on fabric unless it is oil-based.

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Metal And Concrete Surfaces

If you’re painting over old concrete, steel, or stone with a paint that’s not oil-based, you’ll have to add a sealant to protect it. You can use something like Rustoleum Flo-Seal Coating, which you can buy at home improvement stores. Otherwise, choose a sealant with a wax base and apply it with a roller.

Metal surfaces are not always the same. If the metal is unpainted, you should consider getting oil-based paint to give it a solid, durable finish. If you’re painting over an existing finish, you have more freedom with your choice of paint, as long as it’s compatible with what’s already on there.

Painting Over Plastic And Vinyl

If you’re painting over a plastic or vinyl surface, oil-based paint is a great choice. Consider getting a clear gloss finish in order to make the most of your new paint job. If you’re painting over fabric, choose water-based paint if possible. Otherwise, latex paint is an option if your fabric only has a small amount of it in it, and you don’t mind the smell.

Having looked at the different ways that can be matched to surfaces, you might be wondering about how to go about the whole process of painting the house from start to finish. Many consumers, especially those new to home ownership, are not sure how to best handle painting a house.


The first step would be performing a thorough site inspection or hiring someone qualified to do so. You’ll want to consider the type of climate you live in and what surface you’re painting. Temperature and humidity will play a large part in how long it takes for your paint to dry. You should evaluate the surface you’re planning to paint. Checking for peeling paint or walls that need repair can help determine what type of paint will work best. If there is the threat of any extreme weather, either hot or cold, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not choosing a paint that will be affected.

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Examine Your Colour Choices

You’ll find that most paint stores will help you with your colour choice. If you want multiple colours instead, look at both complementary and contrasting colours for your colouring scheme. Select colours that will work well with each other and your furniture. If your walls would benefit from a primer, use one. This will help the paint stick to the walls better and help prevent chipping or peeling. Be sure to choose a primer that is compatible with your paint. You can also prime a wall before painting multiple colours to ensure a seamless transition between each colour without any eyesores or awkwardness.

Different types of paint are just as suitable for different surfaces. For instance, oil-based paints are great for plastic or vinyl. If you’re painting over fabric, then oil-based paint is the best choice. If you’re painting over wood that isn’t waterproof, then look into water-based paints because these won’t need a topcoat to prevent the wood from rotting. You’ll want to choose a coating that will be compatible with your existing finish and stick well to the surface. However, if you find this process too complicated, contact us at 0449 846 744 or visit us at and we will handle everything for you.

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