Commercial roof painting Brisbane

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Commercial Roof Painting Brisbane

Commercial Roof Painting Services for Properties in the Greater Brisbane Region.

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Commercial Roof Painting Brisbane

Surepaint™ is a professional commercial roof painting contractor located in the Brisbane area specializing in residential commercial commercial roof painting Our commercial roof painting team are trained and experienced professionals.

Chemical Commercial Roof Painting

Surepaint specialises in various applications of chemical commercial roof painting. Our team of commercial roof painting follow strict protocols to ensure our customers and team are safe in the commercial roof painting process.

Our Services

Our professional commercial roof painting team specialize in all types of commercial roof Painting and commercial paint encapsulation throughout the Brisbane region.

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Commercial Roof Paint Encapsulation

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Commercial Roof Painting

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Have Your Commercial Roof Painting By Brisbane’s Expert Commercial Roof Painting Team

Why use Surepaint?

Discover why people across Brisbane use Surepaint for commercial roof painting, plus a wide range of painting services that we can offer.

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Our Promise

When you choose SurepaintTM, you’re choosing an experiencing business with expert professionals who hold themselves to the highest possible standards. We know how important it is to get lead paint removal right, and we promise to deliver the best results possible.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

We have established strong protocols to ensure we’re always doing the best work possible, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

10 year + Warranty

10 Year Warranty

For any painting service you hire us for, SurepaintTM is proud to provide a 10 Year Warranty on our workmanship. If the paint flakes, peels or blisters within 10 years of completion, we’ll fix it for free.

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Competitive Pricing

Lead-based paint removal can be costly, but we work to keep prices affordable and fair - we believe you should never have to compromise on safety or quality.

Honest Policy

Honest Policy

Honesty is integral to how we operate as a business. We’re transparent and upfront on costs, and make recommendations for any extra services based on experience and expertise alone.

Commercial roof painting Brisbane

Roof painting services for your commercial property needs

If you own or manage a commercial property in Brisbane, then it’s important to look for the signs that your roof needs repainting. If it’s looking a little faded, growing mould or lichen on it. Getting commercial roof painting done for your Brisbane property is key to protecting it from the elements and having it look great for tenants, clients, customers and users. 

Whether it’s a body corporate block of units, a shopping centre, a warehouse, a school, childcare or a hospital, if you’re looking for a professional team that you can trust, look to Surepaint.

The crew at Surepaints holds themselves to the highest standards from every step of the project. We have a dedicated, friendly customer support team to assist with any inquiries, and our prices won’t break the bank.

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Want to learn more? Continue on to learn about how the painting process works, get answers to commercial roof painting FAQ’s or explore our gallery and reviews to see how we’ve helped other commercial sites in Brisbane.

Our Commercial Roof Painting Process

If you want to put some life back in your roof, you can trust that Surepaint’s teams of expert, qualified professionals will be on hand to deliver fantastic service for every step of the process. 


Preparation is key with any project, but it’s extra crucial for commercial properties. After your free quote estimate, Surepaint will send someone out in person to discuss your needs, analyse the building, provide a detailed quote and discuss site access requirements and working hours. 

We will aim to be as minimally intrusive as possible to avoid disrupting your business or daily operation. We’re here to help you achieve your vision for the project and we can try to work around your schedule as best as we can.

Paint Selection

The colour choice and type of paint you use can make a big difference for large-scale buildings. Specialised roof paints with heat-reflecting properties help keep the staff and tenants within your commercial property cool, and the colour choice can make a big difference as well. Of course, you might have brand requirements which we can accommodate as well.


With everything planned out, Surepaint’s crew of qualified and experienced painters can get to work. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and workmanship, while also working swiftly to get the job done right and on time. 

Property protection

We help protect your property throughout every stage of the project. From planning and the use of top-shelf paints to care and diligence when painting, you’ll be left with a beautiful result that will last for years. We also have a 10 Year Warranty for all paintwork Surepaint carries out, so you know we’re here for you even after the paint has dried.  

Ready to get started? Complete our Free Quote form below to get an estimate on price and let us know what you’re looking for. For any questions you have don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team who are happy to assist you. For some of the best commercial roof painting in Brisbane, you can count on Surepaint.

How is Commercial Roof Painting Done?

Commercial roof painting is very similar to residential property roof painting, with the key step identifying the type of roof and its needs. The actual painting process follows this winning formula:

Heavy pressure wash to remove grime and mould

Replacing any rusted screws on the roof

Applying any sealant to necessary joints and surfaces to prevent leaks

Put down a primer coat to help the paint stick to the surface

Apply two coats of roof membrane paints with heat reflective coatings

Tidy up and pack down area

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Should you choose, we can include a number of associated services for your commercial painting project. Our roof painters may even make some recommendations based on past projects and our experience working in Brisbane. Learn more about some common associated painting services for commercial projects below.

Associated Services for Commercial Roof Painting

If you need more than just quality roof painting done, Surepaint’s can easily accommodate additional services into your commercial painting package, providing even better value for money and delivering great results for your building. These associated services typically include:

Free colour consultation and visualisation

Exterior commercial painting

Timber deck repairs

Interior commercial painting

Exterior pressure washing

Render repairs for masonry

Line marking and driveway painting

Pathway pressure washing

Commercial Roof Painting FAQ’s

The time it takes to paint the roof will depend on the size of your building and what working hours our staff can do during the day to avoid disrupting those using the space. Generally, it takes between 1 and 3 weeks to complete a commercial roof painting project in Brisbane. 
The exact type of paints we use will differ depending on the type of material the roof is made out of. For example, with metal roofs we will use a metal etch primer followed by a heat reflective roof paint coating. We often use heat reflective coatings which look great and help save on airconditioning, keeping the property a little cooler than it would otherwise be during Brisbane’s hot summer months.
We have a range of colours available from the brands that we use. Lighter colours reflect heat better than dark ones, but we use specialised heat reflective paints so you can feel comfortable choosing a dark colour if you wish.
Our commercial roof painters can work during the day or after hours, depending on your exact needs. In many cases, staff, customers, tenants and visitors (whoever uses the building) can still be on site while we work, because we’ll be out of the way working on the roofing. 
The high-quality paints and products we use for commercial roof painting are designed to last 10 to 15 years, with proper maintenance. Different colours will also fade at different rates as well. 
Surepaint’s crew of professionals operate throughout Greater Brisbane, from the north to the south, and the east to the west. If you’re unsure if we can service your property, just give us a call today.
Yes, we supply all our own scaffolding and height access equipment. We tidy up every day when we’re finished, but it may be more efficient to leave some scaffolding up for the duration of the project, provided it causes no risk to the public and is unobtrusive.
Rain can cause delays, and our team will keep you posted if there are any large delays to your roof painting project. 
Our roof painters can carry out some minor roof repairs, but are unable to provide full roof restoration services. If the roof has severe damage you will need other tradesmen to carry out the roof restoration, as this falls outside our scope as roof painters.
While Brisbane’s storm season during the height of summer can cause issues, most rainstorms typically start in the afternoon, meaning we can still get work done during the day and there is no set time of the year that’s best for commercial roof painting. 
Yes, there will be leftover paint for all colours and products used. We’ll make sure you have at least 1 litre of each so that you can know exactly what was used should there be any further paintwork required in the future. 
Surepaint has a fully licensed and accredited QBCC contractor who overseas all roofing repair work and painting that we carry out. If you ever have any questions or requests don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.


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