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How Much Does It Cost To Restore A Timber Deck?

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How Much Does It Cost To Restore or Recoat A Timber Deck In Brisbane?

Timber looks so sexy! When it’s maintained…..

Let’s face it, it’s a total fact. When we have anything that’s natural timber on our homes the maintenance gets away from us. 

So that begs the question? how much does it cost to restore or recoat a timber deck in 2022?

Before we get into the specifics of costs, we need to have a talk about the timber itself and the previous coatings. 

2 Types of Coatings: Water-based VS Oil Based

So, this is the grand debate that you will hear when any contractor pops out to have a look. Some favour water-based and some favour oil leaving you in a world of confusion. So before we go to far let’s settle the debate and talk about the pros and cons of both coating types.

Understanding The General Purpose

Regardless of the type of coating that is being applied the general reason is the same

1. Moisture ingress 

2. UV damage  

3. It looks good

So if the above are the main priorities let’s look at how each coating performs

Water-Based Deck Coatings

Surepaint- Deck Recoating Brisbane

Water-based coatings sit on top of the timber rather than penetrating into the timber.

This is great because it forms a protective “skin” so to speak on top of the timber which is UV resistant. Water-based coatings generally come in a variety of colours and are easy to apply. 

When applying water-based coatings, multiple coats can be done in a day which makes it cheaper overall. 

The main issue we see at least 3-4 times a week is when a water-based coating is not maintained. As you can see from the photos below, the coatings tend to discolour and begin to peel. 

When water-based coatings peel it creates issues when recoating and it looks bad, realistically the only way to fix the above issue is to either maintain the coating or to completely sand the deck back to bare timber to remove all of the previous coatings and start again. 


Thinking Of Just Getting Someone Else To Sort It All For You?

At Surepaint our team can not only take the stress out of undertaking a deck restoration project but also help can help with full exterior painting as well.

Oil-Based Deck Coatings

Timber deck

Oil-based coatings work on a different system compared to a water-based coating which sits on top of the timber.

The main difference of the oil-based coating is that it will penetrate into the timber.

Like water-based products decking oils come in a variety of colours or “tints” however this is a stark difference between premium oils vs cheaper ones.

Premium decking oils are made to replicate the natural lifeblood of the timber which keeps the timber from drying out.

This helps reduce timber splitting, rot and also decay.

As the oil penetrates into the timber after multiple applications it will protect & recolour the timber until the oil dries out.

Over time and more importantly, with UV exposure the oil will dry out along with the colour will begin to grey but it will not peel or flake off.

The downside to decking oils is that they dry out, which on decks with heavy UV exposure will need to be recoated more frequently.

Decking oils do not generally have UV inhibitors unless they have a “film build” similar to water-based coatings.

The second downside is that recoating will need to have a minimum of 24 hours of drying time between coatings otherwise decks can remain sticky for extended periods of time.

So, that’s the basics when it comes to timber deck coatings.

Here's Plan Of Attack When Recoating
A Timber Deck

1. Undertake carpentry repairs as required 
2. Hammer or screw any raised decking nails or screws
3. Heavily machine sand timber deck area (if required)
4. Finish machine sand timber deck area
5. Wash deck with deck cleaner
6. 1st coat of exterior timber coating 
7. 2nd coat of exterior timber coating
8. 3rd coat of exterior timber coating

Cost To Restain A Deck

* All the above include premium decking products.

** Price does not include repairs or heavy machine sanding and recoating price guides.

*** Prices are a guide only and subject to a site visit.

Timber Deck Recoating FAQ's

Surepaint uses a mix of Sikkens and Haymes. Sikkens is originally a Dutch brand and today is one of the best woodcare product manufacturers in the world. Haymes is an Australian-made and owned painting product manufacturer with high-quality decking products designed for Brisbane conditions.

We have a range of colours available for your Brisbane deck maintenance project. There are slight differences between brands as well as whether you’re after a satin or gloss varnish finish. Check out our colour chart below to see what we have available.

The biggest difference between decking oils and stains is the look. Decking oils have natural pigments and don’t radically change the colour of the wood, but help add a protective layer and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Stains are primarily designed to change the wood’s colour, but they can add some protection as well.

Deck oiling may last longer in Brisbane weather conditions than water-based stains, but deck sanding and staining for Brisbane homes can still provide protection that lasts for a few years – with the proper maintenance.

Technically the answer is yes, but to apply water-based stain you first have to sand back the oils and timber, as the stain won’t work effectively if the oil coating is still in place, and this works both ways. It may be simpler to simply do a light refurbish with decking oils instead, depending on what you’re looking for.

Yes, you can still get your deck sanding and staining done as part of your deck restoration project. We simply have to push them down if they’re sticking up. Most nails and screws used on decks in Brisbane are designed to sit flush to avoid creating any hazards.

After the final coat of the deck recoating product of your choosing is applied, you typically have to wait 24 to 48 hours before you can enjoy and use your wooden deck again. 

Brisbane weather can cause disruptions to timber deck restoration projects. Should it occur, work will be delayed until it clears up. This can be irritating due to the longer drying time of timber decking products compared to exterior or interior wall paints. 

We will keep you apprised of any delays or disruptions, and while we can’t do much about the weather, Surepaint will be there for you and get the job done as swiftly as we can. 

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