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How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Interior Of A Three Bedroom House In Brisbane?

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Thinking about getting hiring a Brisbane house painter to give your home a fresh new look? As expert Brisbane interior house painters, one of the most common questions we get asked is – how much does it cost to get your house painted? Rather than just take the easy way out and say “it depends” like others might, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to explain the different factors which may influence the cost to get your three-bedroom townhouse painted. Read on!

The cost to paint the interior of a three-bedroom house in the Brisbane area can vary depending on several factors, for example, the surface of your interior walls.

The process is simple and relatively inexpensive for a standard plasterboard home, as plasterboard is a relatively easy surface to paint. However, if your project requires more detail and time to complete, this can obviously increase the price.

The Process For Painting The Interior Of A House In Brisbane

Surepaint Interior Painting Brisbane

While the price of painting the interior of a three-bedroom home in Brisbane can vary, the overall process for painting the house remains the same. Here is the typical process that we take at Surepaint:

  1. Prepare and clean surfaces – Our first step involves setting up drop sheets to help protect flooring, furniture and carpets. We also remove picture hooks and anything on the wall so we can begin the project.

    It’s also essential to clean the surfaces to get a better finish and extend the life of the paint coating. Cleaning involves removing mould and grease. Using the right chemicals and paint can help prevent mould from returning.

  2. Sanding and priming – Depending on the quality of the surface, we may need to sand walls, trims and doors to get a smooth finish. This stage also involves priming bare areas or old enamel paints so that the new coating sticks well. Besides sanding and priming, we also repair any holes, dents or cracks that may affect your walls, ceilings, trims and doors. 
  3. Painting – Once we’ve fully set up the site and prepared the surfaces for painting, we can begin. We typically apply two coats of premium interior acrylic to walls and ceilings, as well as two coats of premium gloss acrylic to trims and doors. We use gloss on trims and doors as it offers better durability and protection, helping to reduce scuff marks and defects.
  4. Quality control – An essential part of our service involves undertaking a thorough quality control assessment at the completion of the project. Quality control ensures the paint job is to our high standards. It’s undertaken by a licensed supervisor who follows best-practice methods.
  5. Site clean up – As part of our service, we offer a complete site clean-up to ensure your property looks like it did before we arrived on site, aside from a new paint job!
Surepaint Interior Painting Brisbane

Factors that can affect the cost of interior painting

Depending on your home, several factors can add to the price when painting the interior of a three-bedroom house in Brisbane. These can include:

  • Extremely dirty surfaces, requiring significant cleaning.
  • Deep imperfections, holes, or scratches on your wall surfaces.
  • Removing multiple items from the home, including blinds or furniture.
  • Un-primed walls, trims and doors that require us to undertake a full primer coat before we can begin painting.
  • The colour of your existing walls; dark or extremely bright colours require multiple coats
  • Use of oil paint instead of acrylic.
  • Caulking of VJ boards.
  • Painting surfaces such as VJ boards, block, brick, or pressed tin, which takes considerably more time than plasterboard surfaces.
  • Painting just one room, which still requires significant set-up.

Some factors can help you ‌save costs with interior painting, including:

  • Painting multiple rooms allows for an efficient workflow. For example, our painters can work in other areas when waiting for paint to dry. 
  • Removing furniture and all small items from the work area before we arrive on site.
  • Removing door handles, blinds and fixtures before painters arrive on site.
  • Painting walls only.
  • No carpet.
  • Undertaking a one coat refresh to walls and ceiling before waiting for the paint coating to fail, so it needs more significant work.

The Cost Of Painting The Interior Of A 3 Bedroom House In Brisbane:

* The above all include premium paint such as Taubmans or Dulux paints.

If you’re looking for Brisbane house painters and interested in obtaining a quote for your property, contact with Brisbane painters today to schedule a time to view your home.

Other FAQs around painting costs

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