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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling ?

Surepaint Interior Painting Brisbane

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling ?

The cost associated with painting your Brisbane house interior can vary – and that includes the ceiling. For a standard plasterboard home, repainting a ceiling is relatively simple and can be pretty inexpensive. However, as the complexity in height access and surface types change, this can affect the total cost.

Surepaint Interior Painting Brisbane

The Process To Paint A Ceiling In Brisbane:

The overall process for painting a ceiling is generally the same, regardless of the different surfaces and heights. Here is the typical process that we take at Surepaint:
  1. Prepare and clean surfaces – The first step involves setting up the site to protect all floors, furniture and carpets within the area from any falling paint. Then, depending on the ceiling condition, it’s also necessary to clean the surface to remove any mold or grease by using different cleaning agents.
  2. Sand and prime the ceiling -Preparing the ceiling can involve scraping and sanding away loose or flaking paint. Finally, we must prime any bare or stained areas. Stains can come from water, smoke or mold and require a premium primer to be applied that contains stain blocking properties for the best effect. We repair any holes, dents or cracks that are showing on the ceiling, as well as the cornices.
  3. Painting – We apply two coats of premium interior acrylic to the ceiling and the cornices when painting ceilings.
  4. Quality control – After completing the painting of your ceiling, we undertake a quality control assessment to ensure it meets our high standards. At Surepaint, we use a licensed supervisor who ensures that you’ll be satisfied with the final product.
  5. Site clean up -Our service includes an entire site clean up, ensuring we take everything away. We aim to make it appear as though we’ve never been onto your property, aside from the new paint job.
Surepaint Interior Painting Brisbane

Factors that can affect the cost of painting a ceiling

Many factors can add to the price when painting the ceiling of a three-bedroom house in Brisbane. These can include:

  • Extremely dirty surfaces, which require significant time and effort to clean.
  • Asbestos ceilings require an assessment from a qualified asbestos professional and may need to be removed before we can begin painting.
  • Large holes in the ceiling that require repair or large amounts of plastering.
  • Removal of large amounts of loose peeling paint.
  • Painting around large numbers of light fixtures
  • Un-primed bare plasterboard ceilings that require a full primer coat.
  • If you’re painting over dark or bright colours, we may need to use multiple coats, for example, black media room ceilings.
  • Use of oil based paint instead of water based acrylic
  • Caulking of VJ board joints
  • Pressed tin ceilings or texture pattern ceilings, which take significantly longer time to paint.
  • Painting just one room, which requires waiting times for drying and set-up costs.
  • Moving of furniture and heavily cluttered work area
  • Washable paint with anti mold and anti bacterial properties

Several areas can help you ‌save costs with painting a ceiling, including:

  • Painting multiple ceilings means our painters don’t have to wait on drying time and produce a more efficient workflow.
  • Removing all furniture and all minor items before we arrive on site.
  • Dropping down any down-lights and removing light fixtures before we paint. Being responsible for replacing these afterwards yourself can also save you money.
  • Painting any walls simultaneously as ceilings, so you’re maximizing set-up costs.
  • Ceilings in good condition that require little preparation.
  • No carpet, which can take extra preparation to keep protected.
  • Applying a coat refresh to ceilings before the paint breaks down can help to reduce costs (rather than waiting for the paint to fail or peel that typically requires more preparation and multiple coats of paint).

The Cost Of Painting A Ceiling In Brisbane:

The above prices refer to painting just one ceiling and supplying all materials and equipment.

* The above all include premium paint such as Dulux paints.

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