How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling ?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Ceiling ?

The cost or price to paint a ceiling in the Brisbane area can vary, however the overall process is generally the same irrespective of the different types of surfaces and heights. For a standard plasterboard home, the repainting of a ceiling is fairly simple and quite inexpensive however as the complexity in height access and surface types change the price will increase accordingly.

The Process To Paint A Ceiling In Brisbane:

  • Protect all floors, furniture and carpets within the area
  • Clean mould and grease if applicable with cleaning agent
  • Scrape and sand loose and flaking paint
  • Prime bare areas and any stains such was water stains, smoke, mould etc with premium primer with stain blocking properties if required
  • Repair holes, dents and cracks to the ceiling and cornice
  • Apply two coats of premium interior acrylic to ceilings and cornice
  • Quality check work conducted
  • Clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease the cost of painting a ceiling:

Possible Additional Cost Added To Paint A Ceiling In Brisbane:

  • Extremely dirty surfaces
  • Asbestos ceilings
  • Large holes to repair or large amounts of plastering required
  • Removal of large amounts of loose peeling paint.
  • Painting around large numbers of light fixtures
  • Un-primed bare plasterboard ceilings ( requires full primer coat )
  • Colour ( dark colours and extremely bright colours require multiple coats such as black to media room ceilings )
  • Use of oil based paint instead of water based acrylic
  • Caulking of VJ board joints
  • Pressed tin ceilings or texture pattern ceilings
  • Painting of just one room
  • Moving of furniture and heavily cluttered work area
  • Washable paint with anti mould and anti bacterial properties

Possible Decrease In Cost To Paint A Ceiling In Brisbane:

  • Multiple rooms, means our painters don’t have to wait on drying time which allows an efficient work flow
  • Furniture and all small items removed from work area
  • Downlight and fixtures already dropped down out and replaced afterwards
  • Painting of walls as well
  • Ceilings in good condition that don’t require much preparation
  • No carpet
  • One coat refresh to ceilings

The Cost Of Painting A Ceiling In Brisbane:

The above prices are to paint just one ceiling and supply all materials and equipment to undertake the works.

* The above all include premium paint such as Dulux paints.

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