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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Rendered House In 2022 ?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Rendered House In 2022?

The cost or price to paint a rendered house in 2022 may vary based on a variety of different variables which may increase or decrease the overall cost of painting a rendered house.

The Issues

When painting the exterior of a rendered house there is a couple of things to take into consideration.
1. What type of condition is the existing coating in? Is it heavily oxidised which is basically a chalky residue?

wall with chalky residue
2. Is the render beginning the crack? Are there issues with the control joints cracking?
3. Is there any white stuff ( efflorescence) coming out of the render?
4. Is there bubbling and peeling of the old paint coating?
5. Are there pre-existing moisture issues that are causing paint failure, mold etc.?

The Preparation

When painting the exterior of a rendered building it’s important to have these previous issues repaired prior to the painting begins. The general preparation when painting a render building consists of the following :

  1. A heavy pressure wash with an anti-mold solution to kill all mold and clean the porous surface to ensure the new coatings will stick without any issues, If there is efflorescence present it would be cleaned off and treated at this stage.
  2. Address any cracking to the control joints by grinding specialized control joints in the substrate and removing any loose or drummy render.
  3. Once the cracking and loose render is dealt with we can then patch repair the render and apply a polyurethane sealant to all the vertical and horizontal control joints which will flex to bridge any control cracking and help prevent moisture ingress in the future.
  4. Any loose or bubbling coatings will need to be addressed by completely scrapping the affected coatings off the surfaces and the bare render will receive a primer coat to promote adhesion.
  5. Dealing with water ingress issues can be tricky. This is something that would need to be addressed by either our team or potential other associated trades if the issue falls outside of a simple sealant fix.

Depending on the problems you may have above, this will ultimately increase the overall price, and this would need to be assessed by one of our team members through an onsite visit.

Now once the surface has been prepared effectively we can now look at the type of paint we would be using.

So if there were cracking issues identified, you’re living in a coastal area or you would just like the best long term result then you would be looking at using a membrane masonry coating.

Membrane masonry coatings essentially are double the thickness of normal paint coatings and are used to bridge hairline cracking on masonry surfaces along with providing excellent resistance to salt and weather over the long term given its double the thickness.

The downside to using a membrane is that there is a cost difference as the paint just doesn’t spread as far due to its thickness, this means the cost will increase when using this product.

However, if you’re not interested in using a membrane there’s no reason why you cannot use a normal premium exterior acrylic coating which will do the job just fine.

The Actual Painting

Exterior painting

Once all the preparation is completed the painting of the building is generally pretty straightforward.

If the building has height access requirements that can be done without the need for alloy scaffold or elevated work platforms then costs can be kept to a minimum however if these items are required costs will increase greatly and depending on the height access you may require this would need to be assessed by one of our team members through an onsite visit.

When painting the exterior of a rendered house the price would generally include the painting of the following:

When painting the exterior of a rendered house the price would generally include the painting of the following:
  1. Colourbond fascia & gutters,
  2. Exterior of timber doors & frame
  3. Soffits and patio ceilings
  4. Rendered walls to the house

Items that will not be included in the pricing examples will be :

  1. Timber windows and frames
  2. Balustrade and handrails
  3. Retaining walls
  4. Masonry or timber fences etc.

The Painting Process Recap:

  • Pressure wash surfaces with an anti-mould solution
  • Scrape and sand loose and flaking paint
  • Address expansion joint issues and reinstall sealant
  • Use render compound to patch repair larger dents and holes
  • Caulk timber beading where required
  • Apply two coats of premium exterior acrylic with UV Protection or Membrane
  • Clean up
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